While many of our jobs utilize the latest technology in both solar and hydronic space conditioning, we still design hundreds of conventional HVAC designs systems each year. All of our designs our meet ACCA manual D, .J& S. and thus meet all requirements per Cal Green. We also work on many ductless air conditioning and heat pump designs utilizing Daikin, L.G., and Mitsubishi etc. For clients requesting the highest levels of indoor air quality we have been using a Swiss made heat recovery ventilation system using 3" anti – microbiologic tubing, MERV 13 filters and a 1% positive pressure setting. Please talk with a designer in our office for more details.


In 1979 our founder David Knight was working as a plumber (mostly digging ditches) in Santa Barbara, Ca. He learned 4 things. Excrement Waste flows downhill, don't bite your finger nails after work and the eagle flies on Friday. The forth thing is that plumbing is hard work and that working on plans would be easier and cleaner. MEG offers complete residential and commercial plumbing design at competitive rates. MEG also happily designs grey water systems and if pushed, where appropriate water catchment (cistern) systems.