The goal of the California Public Utility Commission is at least 1/2 of all new homes in California to be Net Zero Energy by 2016 and all new homes by 2020. Net zero energy is the simple concept where a home produces as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. Net zero energy is accomplished when the right combination of efficient mechanical equipment, building materials, lighting and appliances are matched with a properly sized solar electric system. Due to California and Federal incentives for solar electric and solar thermal systems and the introduction new super-efficient electric mechanical equipment, many new homes can achieve net zero energy status in a very cost effective, cash positive manner without changing the style of your home or your lifestyle within it.

Over the last three years MEG has designed close to 200 net zero energy homes. Further we have promoted the concept to architects and industry groups around the country. David Knight, our founder, has presented seminars on net zero energy design to AIA chapters, builders groups, manufactures such as L.G. and Daikin, trade associations and in 2010 he was the key note speaker at the Missouri State Energy Conference. To further promote the concept MEG started the Net Zero Energy Network. Please go to for specific information about this topic.