Since 1987, MEG has designed over 5,000 radiant floor heating systems. We know we have designed significantly more systems than any other California engineering company and probably more than any in the USA. Over the years our design philosophy utilizing low mass panels, condensing water heaters and simple controls has remained the same. It took over 25 years, but recently it has been gratifying seeing the east coast radiant heating companies starting to adopt our way of thinking.

MEG is now completely focused in the process of implementing on the radiant ceiling products and systems coming out of Europe. The products are thin, silent, and invisible and provide, room by room control. As many know radiant systems are comfortable, efficient, fast responding and healthy and, radiant ceilings offer building designers and their occupant's tremendous advantages over conventional systems. Right now MEG is designing several homes, offices and a small school project with radiant ceilings. Give us a call for more info.