It has not always been the case but today solar provided electricity is significantly lower than grid provided electricity. This changes everything when it comes to mechanical design for homes. At Meg MEG we offer several levels of solar energy consulting; sizing, siting site surveying, economic analysis and full engineering design of solar electric as well as solar thermal for domestic hot water, space conditioning and pool heating for residential and commercial buildings.

For most of our clients the question is not if solar electric will be part of the design it's how much solar will be required. Sizing solar for existing projects is simple, just take the annual electric use and divide by how many sunny hours for that location and your system is sized. For new homes and significant remodels where the energy use is not known, sizing is a more involved but we have developed and offer an easy to use, great free design tool. In about 3 minutes the program will predict how much energy a new home or remodel will consume on an annual basis, area required for the solar contribution, and a complete solar vs. the grid economic analysis. The program predicts the energy use from lights, appliances, space conditioning, domestic hot water and a variety of nonstandard usages, i.e. swimming pool pumps, hobbies, and electric cars, etc.

You and the client now have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether to use grid provided electricity or solar. Just go to the Energy Calculator and fill in the specific information required for you project. If you have any questions call David Knight at (831) 372-8328 x 12.