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MEG is now a proud dealer of SunPower Solar and Energy Storage Systems installed directly by SunPower on your new or existing home.  Our partnership with SunPower capitalizes on the strength of our two companies and offers tremendous value to our customers.  MEG applies our 25 + year’s experience in Energy Modelling and NetZero home design to accurately size systems for new construction or retrofit projects. 


SunPower Solar and Energy Storage Systems purchased through Monterey Energy Group will be installed directly by SunPower Factory Crews or SunPower Approved local contractors, and of course utilize SunPower’s industry leading solar technology.  Make your SunPower Solar System a design feature of your new home by working with MEG early in your design process to optimize the system size, coordinate its location with your architect in advance of construction and achieve energy freedom with SunPower Solar and SunVault Battery back-up system on your new home.

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